Fiddleback Engineered Australian Hardwood

Fiddleback Engineered Australian Hardwood in available in Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. Fiddleback wear layers combine the classic features of our Australian Eucalyptus bonded onto an ever reliable Plywood core. This creates an authentic Australia timber visual with the associated stability and durability of an engineered timber construction.




Blackbutt Brushed Matte, Blackbutt Smooth 10% Matte, Blackbutt Smooth Semi Gloss, Spotted Gum Brushed Matte, Spotted Gum Smooth 10% Matte, Spotted Gum Smooth Semi Gloss


136 x 12 x 1860 mm (0.6 wear layer), 189 x 14 x 1860 mm (3mm wear layer)