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Signature Cashmere Touch Lush 75oz

Lush is a 7-star carpet from the Cashmere Touch range. An exceptional 75oz twist pile product, this luxurious flooring solution is perfect in bedrooms, living areas, stairways and dining rooms. It’s also available in a range of colours and offers the softest feel. There’s a lot to love about this carpet. In addition to feeling delightful underfoot, it’s created with Signature’s powerful Colour Guard nylon fibre. As a result, the carpet withstands UV rays, also resisting fading when exposed to sunlight. Its performance is particularly exceptional, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. The Lush carpet comes with a 20-year residential warranty for wear, staining and fading. This ensures you peace of mind when choosing carpets for an active home with kids and pets.


4M Wide


Marvel 141, Beam 158, Sweet 161, Ritzy 165, Silky 110, Supple 152, Stunning 990, Dainty 996, Cherry 405, Posh 310, Lovely 317, Charisma 445