Geelong & Ballarat flooring repair services

Global Floors specialises in flooring repairs for commercial and residential buildings. From small-scale home floor repairs to office renovations, our experience and professional team ensures your floors retain their original appearance while increasing durability.

Geelong & Ballarat flooring repairs

If your once brilliant timber floors are looking the worse for wear, call the team at Global Floors. We can replace missing, split and damaged floorboards for homes and business across Ballarat and Geelong, including the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

Our flooring repairs team will carefully remove the damaged floorboards while preventing further damage to existing intact flooring. Care is taken where possible to match the width of the original boards and stagger the new joints to lessen the visual impact, especially when repairing larger sections of floor in the same area.

To ensure visual appeal, flooring repairs areĀ are finished in the same style as the existing floor. Our team can provide further recommendations on timber flooring coatings, including stains, varnishes and oils to maintain your floors.

We also offer a professionalĀ floor sanding and polishing service for cases where the floor is not structurally damaged.

In some cases, your timber flooring might be too badly damaged to warrant repairs and will require a full replacement. If you are unsure of the level of damage, our free measure and quote will identify whether flooring repairs are possible.